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Publication started in Septª±1985 monthly Noª±12 2015 Sum 236


The Institutional Problems and Countermeasures of National Intangible Assets Concerning Transformation of Scientific and Technical Achievement¡£¡£¡£Yang Wusong,Zhao Yexin£¨5£©

How Does Company¬ðs Diversification Strategy Affect R&D Input£¿——Evidences from China¬ðs Manufacturing Listed Companies¡£¡£¡£Zhang Xinglong£¬Li Meng£¨10£©

Speciality of Participants and Process of Crowdsourcing Innovation¡£¡£¡£Pang Jiangang,Liu Zhiying£¨16£©

The Impact of Trade in Value Added on China¬ðs Science,Technology and Innovation¡£¡£¡£Liu Juanjuan,Zhang Huanzhao,Xu Jiansheng£¨22£©

Does the Interregional Flow of R&D Elements Promote the Improvement of Innovation Efficiency¡£¡£¡£Bai Junhong,Wang Yue£¨27£©

Spatial Spillover,Industrial Agglomeration Effect And Industrial Green Innovation Efficiency¡£¡£¡£Wang Hui,Miao Zhuang,Wang Shuqiao£¨33£©

Method and Empirical Investigation of Forecasting Technology Opportunity with Timeª²Series Patent Data¡£¡£¡£Li Dongmei, Song Zhihong £¨39£©

Empirical Study of the Social Network Structure on Incubation Resource Allocative Efficiency...Hu Haiqing,Zhang Yingying,Wang Zhaoqun£¨45£©

Process and“Humanª²Machine”Interaction Path of the Caseª²Based Reasoning for Decisionª²Making of Sudden Incidents...Cheng Conghui,Guo Junhua£¨51£©

Intellectual Property Rights Protection and China¬ðs Exports...Li Zhaohua,Yang Linyan£¨57£©

Coª²agglomeration Level of China¬ðs Producer Services and Manufacturing Industry and Its Influence Factors...Ji Yahui,Gan Lijuan£¨64£©

Impact of Bioeconomy on Sustainable Development of Agriculture...Deng Xin¬ðan,Xu Bingru,Yang Duogui£¨69£©

Path Of Environmental Regulation On Firms¬ð Performance...Hu Yuanlin,Sun Huarong£¨75£©

Environment Regulations and Technological Innovation Performance:the Moderating Effect of Government Support...Cao Yong,Jiang Zhenyu,Sun Helin et alª±£¨81£©i

Incentive Contract for Enterprise¬ðs Pollution Reduction under the Framework of Dual Asymmetric Information...Du Jianguo,Cui Qiankun,Zhang Jingquan£¨87£©

The Temporal and Spatial Evolution of Regional Highª²Tech Industry Development Differences in China...Xiao Gang£¬Du Debin,Dai Qiwen et alª±£¨94£©

Comparative Research on Technology Creationª²Diffusion Network in China——Based on Chinese Provincial 2008—2012 Data of Universities...Liu Meijun,Li Weiping,Wang Yuandi et alª±£¨101£©

Evaluation on New Urbanization Construction from the Perspective of Ecological Civilization£ºBased on the Improvement and Application of DPSIR Model...Xiong Yongqing,Yang Pingfang,Bai Yun£¨108£©

Are the Public R&D Subsidies Able to Improve the External Financing of Enterprises?...Li Ailing,Wang Zhenshan £¨115£©

Analysis and Suggestions on the Preª²tax Deduction Policy of Enterprises' R&D Expenses Based on the Smith Mode...Wang Zaijin£¬Xu Zhili£¬Liu Hui et alª±£¨120£©

Influence of Regional Evolutionary Trend of Chinese Technological Talent Accumulation to Regional Innovation Efficiency...Rui Xueqin,Li Yanan,Niu Chonghuai£¨126£©

Education Experience of Scientific Workforce——A Case Study on the Winners of NSFDYS in CAS...Zhang Songtao,Guan Zhongcheng£¨132£©

Youth Science and Technology Talents Training Chain in Shanghai——For the Investigation and Analysis of“Science and Technology Innovation Center”...Fu Binghai£¬Xie Fuji£¬Han Yuqing et alª±£¨138£©

Time Span of Technological Realization to Social Realization:——Based on the 9th Science and Technology Foresight in Japan...Zhou Juan,Peng Li,Qiao Weiguo£¨143£©

Inspiration of the Development and Features of Research Evaluation System in Australia...Zhao Yong£¬Zhang Lingge£¬Han Mingjie et alª±£¨149£©

Humanities and Social Science Assessment System of the Netherlands...Liu Lanjian,Zhang Wenjing,Du Xiangmin£¨156£©