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Publication started in Septª±1985 monthly Noª±1 2016 Sum 237


R&D Efficiency of High Technology Industries in China¡£¡£¡£Dai Ming,Liu Kexin,Chen Jun£¨5£©

R&D Investment and Knowledge Productivity of China's Industry¡£¡£¡£Qiu Haibin£¨11£©

On the Homogenization Phenomenon in Scientific Research of China's Colleges and Universities¡£¡£¡£Li Xiuquan,Wang Hanhui£¬Song Weiguo£¨17£©

The Mechanism Design and Experience Reference of Taiwan¬ðs R&D Subsidies:A Case Study of SBIR Program¡£¡£¡£Hu Kai£¬Cai Hongying£¨21£©

On Classification£¬Selection and Evaluation of Innovation Policy Instruments¡£¡£¡£Huang Man £¬Zhu Guilong £¬Hu Junyan£¨26£©

Development and Evolution of Industrial Technology Innovation Model¡£¡£¡£Cui Xiaowei£¬Wu Xinnian£¨31£©

An Analysis of Mapping Knowledge Domains of Business Model Innovation¡£¡£¡£Zhao Huicun£¨38£©

Study on the Collaborative Innovation of Regional Technology Incubation Networks Based on Polycentric Governance¡£¡£¡£Li Zhenhua,Feng Xinyu,Wu Wenqing et al£¨44£©

Performance Evaluation of the Collaborative Innovation of Science and Technology Innovation Teams¡£¡£¡£Huo Yan,Jiang Kaidong,Xu Yiping£¨51£©

Industrial Transformation Strategy for the Manufacturing Sector of China in the Tide ofIndustry 4.0¡£¡£¡£Zhao Fuquan,Liu Zongwei£¨58£©

Development Trend of China¬ðs Marine Biomedicine Industry¡£¡£¡£Zheng Li£¬Cai Dahao£¨69£©

Stakeholder Governance Patterns for Aeronautic Weapon Innovation with the View of Military Intellectual Property¡£¡£¡£Feng Yuan,Guo Yonghui£¨77£©

From OEM to ODM:The Black Box of Breakthrough Process on Technological Innovation Capability¡£¡£¡£Yang Guiju£¬Li Bin£¬Xia Bing£¨83£©

Organizational Slack£¬Product Market Competition of Enterprise and the Persistence of Firm Innovation¡£¡£¡£Li Jian,Li Tingting,Pan Zhen£¨88£©

Driving Factors of the R&D Investment of China¬ðs Aviation Equipment Manufacturing Enterprises¡£¡£¡£Liu Zhen£¨93£©

Empirical Research on Enterprise Users¬ð Technology Adoption of Cloud Computing¡£¡£¡£Shao Mingxing£¨99£©

Measurement of China¬ðs Special Economic Zones¬ð Industrial Transformation Level and Its Growth Effects¡£¡£¡£Ji Chao£¨106£©

Upgrading Model and Countermeasures of Regional Electron and Communication Equipment Manufacturing Industry¡£¡£¡£Song Xiaoming£¬Zhang Zhijun£¨112£©

Intellectual Property Management£¬Industrial Upgrading and Green Growth——A Case in Guangdong in the Process of Industrial Transformation and Upgrading¡£¡£¡£Feng Zhijun£¬Kang Xin£¬Chen Wei£¨118£©

Assessment of Biomass Power Potential on Provincial Scale and Analysis on Plan Target Quota¡£¡£¡£Song Kaihui£¬Zhou Jingyue,Zhang Peidong et al£¨124£©

The Space Associated Spillover Effects of Chinese Agricultural TFP Growth¡£¡£¡£He Yaya,Li Gucheng£¨130£©

Measurement and Structure Analysis on CO2 Emissions Embodied in Agriculture Exporting Trade of China¡£¡£¡£Dai Yuqin£¬Feng Zhongchao£¬Li Gucheng£¨137£©

Innovation Characteristics and Demand of the Povertyª²Stricken Areas¬ð Small and Mediumª²Sized Enterprises—Based on Qinba Continuous Destitute Areas¬ð Survey Research¡£¡£¡£Liu Dongmei£¬Guo Qiang,Wang Weinan£¨144£©

The Practice Logic and Function Orientation of Grassª²roots Agricultural Technology Extension—Based on the Practice Analysis of Agricultural Technology Extension in the Central Shaanxi Province¡£¡£¡£Li Bo£¬Zuo Ting£¬Wang Linying£¨150£©

An Empirical Analysis on Contribution Rate of Science and Technology Progress to Economic Growth of Tianjin Animal Husbandry¡£¡£¡£Chen Qiong£¬Li Jin£¬Li Huisheng et al£¨154£©