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54th Report in 2013: Analysis Report of the Trade of High-tech Products in 2012 作者:Xu Guangyao, Song Weiguo 日期:2014-05-22  点击数:1689 

Abstract: In 2012, the trade of high-tech products in China grew rapidly. The trade surplus continued to expand. The import diversity and the status of main import market rose in parallel. The diversity of the trade modes and subjects have been further strengthened. The trade in areas under special customs supervision grew a lot. The middle and west areas caught up rapidly. This paper gives several suggestions, such as the development of high-tech development zone and the policy of areas under special customs supervision should be coordinated; China should stimulate the domestic market and the transformation of S&T achievement results; the high-tech industries should be upgraded and cross-regional transferred; China should also encourage high-tech enterprises to build technology alliance to achieve the inclusive growth; etc.

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