Inherited the excellent traditions of NRCSTD, CASTED has devoted itself to forward-looking, holistic and comprehensive strategic research targeting at “constructing an innovative country” and “improving independent innovation” in the new era. Abiding by the guidelines of serving the country and serving S & T development, CASTED has made great efforts to step up among the international top-level research institutes, effectively bolstering national S & T decision-making and management.

Featuring “micro cores and macro networks”, CASTED has established a project-proposing mechanism, which emphasizes both national targets and free exploration. CASTED has formed an open talent selecting mechanism with competition and flexibility.

Its major functions include:

1. Participate in the top design of national S & T development strategies. Under the leadership of MOST, CASTED studies and provides consultations on national S & T development strategies. CASTED also strives for innovation on theories, ideas and methodologies, and acts as a demonstrator and leading institute on S & T policy research.

2. Study on crucial strategic issues. Under the government-oriented and demand-oriented principles, CASTED undertakes key strategic research tasks, shoring up national strategic decisions and policy making. It also conducts some other research and consulting, which are entrusted by central and local governments, domestic and international institutes, enterprises, and other organizations.

 3. Cultivate research talents on S & T strategy. Through major tasks, CASTED builds its team, develops its disciplines, and guides the S & T strategy research of regional governments and other Ministries. Through exploratory studies, CASTED constantly enriches the theoretical system and innovative ideas of S & T development, and provides consultation for the work of MOST and the S & T development of the whole country.

 4. Set up an open exchange platform, attracting various research recourses. CASTED will develop a cooperative research network both internationally and domestically, and develop well-known periodicals and forums via mechanism innovation.