International Exchange and Cooperation

CASTED is an important platform and window for international cooperation and exchange in S & T policy research. It cooperates with the outside world in the following aspects

Conduct international cooperative research projects

CASTED has applied for international cooperation projects to conduct collaborative research together with UNESCO, UNDP, OECD, World Bank, EU, National Science Foundation (NSF) of the US, Brandeis University in the US, International Development Research Centre (IDRC) of Canada, Lund University of Sweden, Fafo Institute for Applied International Studies of Norway and many other research institutes in Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions.

CASTED has cooperated with the institutes mentioned above, and accomplished several joint projects, such as, the research on “monitoring the social and economic development in Western China” with Fafo-AIS of Norway, the research on proprietary innovation strategy for Western China with IDRC of Canada, the PhD career survey together with OECD and UNESCO Statistic Research Institute. CASTED also conducted a research institute performance study sponsored by NSF, a comprehensive analysis on female scientists’ roles in technology research sponsored by the EU Sixth Framework Programme, and many other joint research projects. CASTED has cultivated several senior researchers with international influence in the fields of S & T policy, innovation policy, S & T statistics, and S & T-related social issues.

Set up mechanisms for long-term international academic exchange

CASTED has already signed bilateral cooperation memorandums with several institutes, including National Institute of Science and Technology Policy of Japan (NISTEP), Korea Institute of Science and Technology Evaluation & Planning (KISTEP), Science and Technology Policy Institute (STEPI) of Korea, Fafo-AIS of Norway, and National Institute for Science and Technology Policy and Strategic Studies (NISTPASS) of Vietnam. Stable long-term cooperation mechanisms have been set up with these institutes. In addition, CASTED also has stable partnership with many international organizations, including UNESCO, UNIDO, UNDP, OECD and World Bank.

Organize international academic conferences to expand its academic influence and cooperation fields

Entrusted by MOST or according to cooperation needs, CASTED actively organizes bilateral and multilateral forums or symposiums on S & T policies.

In recent years, CASTED held and undertook many international academic conferences and international exchange activities, including  International S & T Assessment Workshop, China-Korea Industry Technology Planning and Assessment Workshop, China-EU Workshop on International Purchasing and Supply Chain Management, International Workshop on Risk Early-Warning Technology, Conference on Innovation Policy and Innovation Model, Seminar on Technical Standard Strategy of Korea, China-U.S. Innovation Conference, China-U.S. Forum on Science and Technology Policy,  China-Sweden S & T Policy Seminar, China-Austria Renewable Energy Technology Policy Forum, and China-Japan-Korea Trilateral Science and Technology Policy Seminar.