Forum on Science and Technology in China

Forum on Science and Technology in China is a journal created in 1985, mainly focusing on the academic research on S & T development strategies, policies and management, characterized by policy-concerned, comprehensive and academic contents. As a monthly journal issued both at home and overseas, it made plenty of achievements, for example, it twice won the First Prize in the Award of National Excellent S & T Periodicals in 1992 and 1996, it was nominated in the First National Periodical Award in 2000, and was listed in the Chinese Periodical Matrix, winning a Double-prize the next year. Besides, in 1992, 1996, 2000 and 2004, it was selected into "Catalogue of Chinese-language core periodicals" for four consecutive times, and was awarded as a core periodical in science and research. For many years, Forum on Science and Technology in China has been the source periodical of Chinese Social Sciences Citation Index (CSSCI) and the Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database of China.

China Science and Technology

China Science and Technology (previously named as Science and Technology Pictorial) was created in June 1996, which is aimed at putting in place "Rejuvenation of the Nation through Science and Education", facilitating S & T progress, boosting the partnership between the academia and the industry, and popularizing S & T knowledge. It targets at audiences including government officials at various levels, S & T personnel, enterprise managers and college students interested in S & T. Since its transformation into "China Science and Technology" in June 2004, the magazine has rapidly made a great difference and became well-known, with a group of internationally famous scientists taking up the post of its editor, including Yang Zhenning, Song Jian, Bai Chunli, Xu Zhihong and Gu Binglin,..

Research Report

Research Report is an internal document issued irregularly. It is one of the important internal reports sent by Ministry of Science and Technology to the State Council. This document reflects research achievements of CASTED, and the academic opinions and policy recommendations that researchers achieved in practice.