Research Achievements

Conducted large-scale research and assessment on the technology policies in 1980s, covering 12 national key fields; participated in making the national S & T development plan from the 7th to the 11th Five-Year Plan period; and played an important role in the strategic research for the Outline of the National Program for Long- and Medium-Term Science and Technology Development (2006-2020). 

Participated in assessment and studies on a series of key projects, including economic evaluation and social issues investigation on the Three Gorges Project, studying on technological economic issues of Beijing-Shanghai High Speed Railway Project, social and economic impacts of the west line of South-to-North Water Diversion Project, and the development of Large Aircraft Project.

 With an eye to promoting social development through S & T, conducted much explorative research on S & T risks and social governance, living conditions survey and monitor of rural and urban residents in Chinese western regions, and rapid needs assessment after serious natural disasters.

Along with the S & T system reform of China, conducted comprehensive research on S & T management mechanism reform, the reform of research institute, the transformation of technological achievements, collaboration among industries, universities and research institutes, and S & T assessment and awarding systems.

Domestically took the lead in the research on S & T foresight and assessment, key technology choices in national crucial fields, national S & T plan evaluation, foresight of frontier technological fields, national technology roadmap and industrial technology roadmap.

Advanced uniquely in the research on national S & T input policies, administrative policies on governmental S & T inputs, S & T finance, venture capital, etc; proposed and set up the frameworks of S & T innovation and governmental R & D with policies and public finance support; achieved research fruits on venture capital and its guiding funds, S & T development banks, and so forth.

Served the development of regional and local S & T economy, conducting much research,, inclusive of Wujiang River Basin comprehensive development, Hainan Province strategic development plan, Lancang River-Mekong River joint development, Tumen River regional development plan, Xinjiang development plan, S & T cooperation between Southwest China and ASEAN, S & T cooperation among Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, and S & T development plan for North Bay Economic Zone.

Conducted research on technological innovation policy ahead of times; carried out in-depth research on the development of high-tech industry parks and incubators, the go-global strategy of high-tech sector, countermeasures against technical trade barriers, and technical standard strategy, providing references for the decision-making on high-tech fields and related industries.

Guided and led S & T indicator research and achieved a lot in terms of S & T contribution ratio domestically, local S & T progress monitoring, assessment indicators related to innovative country; published a series of Chinese S & T Indicators in both Chinese and English version.

Led the feasibility analysis on shortening the working hours to five days a week, which laid the foundation for China’s implementation of five-day work. 

Key Studies Conducted by the Research Institutes

Institute of Comprehensive Development

Analytical research on China’s macro-economic situation

Study on the overall framework of the 11th Five-Year Plan of S & T development

Crucial theoretical and empirical studies on China’s independent innovation


Institute of Science and Technology Systems and Management

Assessment and study on innovative enterprises

Study on the development of S & T innovation system for State Grid Corporation of China

Study on the national plan of large-scale science instruments, equipments and apparatus


Institute of Foresight and Evaluation

Study on the national technology roadmap and the industrial technology roadmap for the semiconductor lighting industry

Technology foresight, by Delphi survey, in the fields of agriculture, people’s health and public safety, etc

Strategic study and evaluation on the high-tech development


Institute of Science and Technology Statistics and Analysis

Collection, processing and analysis of S & T-related statistics, and relevant basic works (2006/2007)

Study on S & T indicators in China (2006)

Study on the patent indicator system


Institute of Science and Technology Investment

Study on the management policies for Governmental R & D input

Study on the identification and management methods for high-tech enterprises

Study on the capital market policies and mechanism for the promotion of independent innovation


Institute of Rural and Regional Development

Study on the S & T cooperation strategy between Beijing and Tianjin

Study on how to support integrated urban-rural development with S & T

Study on the economic and technological cooperation strategy between Southwest China and ASEAN Countries


Institute of Science and Technology for Industrial Development

Study on technical trade measure strategy and early-warning program

Study on joint action strategy for proprietary intellectual property

Study on the technology polices of key industries - computer numerical controlled (CNC) machine tools and nuclear power


Institute of Science, Technology and Society

Post-Wenchuan earthquake rapid needs assessment

Monitoring the social and economic development in Western China

General survey on S & T personnel in China