Expert Profiles


Ju Wenzhong 

Senior researcher in Institute of Rural and Regional Development

Mainly engages in regional economy and S & T policy research, he has led the research on regional S & T development strategies, regional S & T collaboration and urban development strategies for Western China and Northeast China, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Yangtze River Delta, North Bay and other urban clusters.


 Sun Fuquan  

Director of Department of Research Management,PhD in economics, senior researcher, Member of Industrial Committee of China Association of Investment Environment, and Director of Beijing Association  of Technical Economics

He focuses on S & T innovation strategy and policy, S & T decision-making and management, macro S & T economy situation, policy on the collaboration between industry and academia, industrial generic technology organization, and enterprise innovation models. He participated in the research on 11th Five-Year S & T Plan and vital national innovation policies. 


Liu Yan

Senior researcher in Institute of Science and Technology for Industrial Development, and Director of Beijing Pricing Research Association

For many years, she has participated in research on international technology trade and transfer, national technical standards and trading measures, and Japanese industrial technology development. She has got several prizes with her research achievements, including national-level foreign economy and trade research prize, national-level business research prize, national-level intellectual property excellent research report, i.e. the excellent project research achievement prize, and excellent paper award in China soft science annual academic meeting.

Liu Feng

Director of the Institute of Industrial Science and Technology, PhD, and senior researcher.
His research mainly focuses on industrial economy, regional economy and innovation policies. He has been currently directing several important research projects such as major issues on cultivating and developing strategic emerging industries, report on high-tech industry of national innovation model area’s core area, support system for industrial generic technology, effective mechanism on central enterprises’ technology innovation. He has participated in editing the 12th five-year plan for national strategic and emerging industries, plan for national new media industry base, plan for Zhongguancun innovation park, and plan for Beijing biotechnology and medicine industrial base.

Liu, Dongmei

Director of the Institute of Rural and Regional Development, PhD in Management, Research Professor. Project Consultative Expert of UNDP. Her research interests are mainly related to rural S&T policy, regional coordinated development, government behavior analysis and public investment policy etc. Around the goal of the integrated urban-rural development driven by S&T, she focused the study on S&T entrepreneurship and service system in rural areas, S&T progress and industrial development in county level, innovative city, inter-regional S&T cooperation, spatial layout of national S&T resources etc. Full participation in the research of the state S&T development plan for“12th Five-Year” and several special plans, and in charge of planning studies on S&T development in several typical regions.

Song Weiguo

Deputy Director of Institute of Science and Technology Statistics and Analysis, and senior researcher
With excellent skills in system analysis, mathematic model and quantitative analysis of S & T indicators, he mainly devotes himself to the research on S & T indicators, innovative country assessment, and assessment of technical innovation performance of industries and enterprises. He participated in the general research for the 10th Five-Year S & T Plan, the 11th Five-Year S & T Plan, and the National Program for Long- and Medium-Term Science and Technology Development.

Zhao Yandong 

Deputy Director of the Institute of Science, Technology and Society, and senior researcher

His research interests focus on social capital and social networks, S & T-related social risks, sociological studies of disaster, the social environment of innovation, social stratification and social mobility, employment, sociology of economy, and sociological methodology and social statistics. He has been currently directing several important research projects such as “social science response system of natural disaster”, “post-Wenchuan earthquake rapid needs assessment”, “institutional and technical innovation of small and medium sized enterprises in Western China”, “monitoring the social and economic development in Western China”, etc.

Guo Rong 

Deputy Director of the Institute of Science and Technology Investment, PhD, and Associate Research Professor
He is specializing in the fields of the combination of S&T and finance, financial policies of supporting S&T industrialization, venture capital and S&T investment, etc. He has undertaken several important national projects such as the research on the Outline of the National Program for Long- and Medium- Term Science and Technology Development, studies on the Identification of High-tech Corporations and Related -Policies, Science and Technology-Related Financial Policies, Industrial Funds Plan Strategy of National Development Bank, Evaluation Methods of Innovation Funds for Small- and Medium- sized S & T Enterprises, etc.